Strobe brake lights are very common on motorcycles that are used more as a safety mechanism, but increasingly appear in the tuner scene as a vanity modification. A strobe brake light is obtained when a module is wired into the vehicle`s brake light system, which actuates the brake flash several times before adjusting to a solid brake light. According to Popular Mechanics, it`s illegal to have flashing or strobe lights on your vehicles, except for your signals. If you drive your car straight and exceed the decibel limit in your area, you can get a ticket. This usually happens with a speeding offense, which means you could have legal problems even if there is no law against straight pipelines in your area. Direct piping in a car can be an effective way to improve its performance. However, you must do so legally. Otherwise, you`d end up with a car that doesn`t pass the inspection or doesn`t do as well as it should. Virginia is one of the states that strictly opposes the construction of straight pipes. It is clearly prohibited by the Virginia Code to use "straight escapements". Many standard components such as the DPF are removed with the muffler during the right piping. Without them, it is almost impossible to pass the emission test. This is one of the decisive reasons why states do not legalize pipes in particular.

Most states also require trucks to have a fully functional exhaust system and muffler. A right-hose vehicle does not meet these requirements. Therefore, I must conclude that it is not legal to drive your truck straight. Nowadays, at an auto show, you can always find or better hear an old hot rod with open headers. What are "open headers"? It is easy if there is no pipe after the header, so no exhaust system; therefore illegal. In addition to the vehicle`s emissions, the exhaust will be ridiculously noisy, not to mention the smell won`t be good either, as your vehicle will emit the exhaust gases closer to where the driver is sitting. Adding colorful lights to vehicles became very popular after the movie "The Fast And The Furious". According to Find Law, it is legal in some states to have too few incandescent lights until they are visible or strobe. While state laws vary, according to Extreme Tactical Dynamics, vehicles other than emergency responders are not allowed to have flashing red or blue lights. Some state laws prohibit all colored lights anywhere on a vehicle. With such a warning, it means that not only is it illegal, but also that you have invalidated the warranty of the vehicle. It`s a lose-lose situation.

According to the Alabama Code, vehicles must be equipped with fully functional exhaust systems. Therefore, the installation of the right pipe is not allowed. The Texas Code specifically prohibits the use of equipment such as silencer cutouts and bypasses, making it illegal to use straight pipes. You can get into trouble if you drive a car straight. You can get a ticket and cause pollution and safety problems. They can also have a negative impact on your car`s warranty if you steer it straight or make other changes. So the straight pipe is illegal (and somehow legal), but does that also apply to cars and trucks? Read on to find out. As with cars, trucks are not exempt from the illegal law on straight driving. If your straight pipes make too much noise, the people around you won`t be too happy. Oklahoma regulations prohibit any modification of the exhaust system.

Because you can`t drive a straight vehicle without changing the exhaust, it`s not legal in Oklahoma. You can`t use a muffler cutout or similar equipment in Florida, which means straight pipes are also illegal. Update in January 2022: If you are planning to modify your vehicle, you need to make sure that the changes are actually legal for road traffic. That being said, however, there are illegal mods that people get away with most of the time. The engine setting is more like hacking into your car`s computer. Nowadays, all new cars have computers, and according to, the software of each vehicle has a copyright and will always belong to the car manufacturers. Modern tuners can hack almost any car. Once in the vehicle`s ECU, they can change a number of things, making the car faster and more powerful. Not only does hacking your control unit void your vehicle`s warranty, but it can also be considered illegal depending on where you live. In addition, straight pipes can increase the pollution caused by your car`s exhaust.

That`s why it`s important to follow your area`s emission standard before changing your exhaust system. Similar to other states, New York`s consolidated laws prohibit the use of straight pipes for a variety of reasons, including high noise. As for the legality of tires, it varies from state to state. According to It Still Runs, in 49 states, with the exception of Kentucky, it is illegal to have tires that protrude beyond the wings of your vehicle. Hard to believe with the latest trend of position trucks? The advantages of a car`s straight piping include more power and better fuel consumption.