. Rockwell Prime is a tough boss to deal with, and you need to have powerful taming and items to defeat it. Rinse and repeat for the other node, but watch out for random acid pool projectiles that form temporary AoE acid fields that cause health damage to you and any dinosaurs mounted on them. In addition, the summoner begins to appear and shoots down the projectiles that appear in Corrupted Survivor and must be killed quickly. Pay attention to its constant tentacle tips, as this will cause a lot of damage. In the final battle, it is appropriate for players to gather a variety of mounts from ARK`s many maps. However, keep in mind that the room for bringing creatures into the arena is not large enough to accommodate 20 creatures, so it is important to manage the room. Also note that it is almost impossible to bring 20 creatures of the same size as the Rex due to the small space. Compared to its previous form, Rockwell, Rockwell Prime is much smaller and fleshier.

Below you will find all its features listed in detail: Rockwell Prime can only be found in the Terminus mission launched from the mission terminal under its heart in the bowels of Rockwell. After reaching 0 Health, Rockwell Prime drops in stages, while HLN-A activates the energy reserves to power the Exo-Mek for a final explosion. You only have 1.45 minutes to drop or lose all the objects you had in Dino), whistle Dino too passively (so that they don`t come out of the edge when they come back to the bowels, when you find yourself in a dead mode by reappearing to a bed), etc. then shoot the Hyper beam at Rockwell with Exo-Mek (everyone has to shoot him to count) until the end of the fight (cutscene), otherwise the fight ends in failure. After eliminating all rockwell knots, the Exo-Mek becomes unusable, and Rockwell Prime really appears. Other tentacles will appear, but the summoner will stop appearing (disappear when he is still there). Acid projectiles are spat out more frequently and in clusters, and if you get too close to them while driving on a dino, a huge stroment charge is created after a few seconds, which prevents you from being mounted on the dino. Use rifles and any weapon from a distance to weaken it while paying attention to its constant tentacles and acidic AoE field. This means that it is currently impossible to make any changes to the colors of the Rockwell Prime. Eliminate all super tentacles (easily recognizable by their almost identical appearance to Aberration) while paying attention to other tentacles nearby that reproduce endlessly.

If you`ve brought other dinosaurs with you, let them constantly attack anything that moves. After eliminating the supertentacle, try attacking the first node that becomes vulnerable until it starts making fun of you for your attempt. HLN-A will unlock the central part of the ship and release the number of Exo-Mek with Hypercharge attachment, depending on the number of survivors present at the beginning of the battle. Exo-Mek`s lasers are the only way to beat Rockwell Node, and while rolling on it, you will be invulnerable to any form of attack, it will consume energy over time or when attacking anything and everything, forcing the Exo-Mek to be useless for a while when it is completely emptied. It will slowly replenish energy over time if it is not mounted, whether it is completely emptied or not. To prevent your Mek from being completely emptied, leave your Exo-Mek before its energy level reaches zero. In the final battle, players must be armed to the teeth in terms of high durability and high-quality armor and high-quality weapons before entering the fight. For armor, players must have anti-aircraft, riot or Tek armor sets, as well as the free Tek suit for a set of last resort armor. To bring weapons, players must bring a weapon that deals high damage per shot and another that does high dps. For acute weapons, this includes Tek bows, Tek swords, and shotguns. In DPS weapons, Tek rifles, miniguns and Tek pistols, and Tek claws are some possibilities. All surviving participants who go into battle must meet the above requirement, otherwise they will not be deformed in battle.

The Rockwell Prime always appears with the same color scheme and has no color regions. Rockwell Prime is the final boss of Genesis: Part 2 and the first story of the game. This is the final form of Sir Edmund Rockwell, the previous one was Rockwell and the master controller corrupted.