A correct serve is when a player hits badminton with his racket on the net on the opponent`s side - without the shuttle getting stuck in the net or exceeding the limits of the badminton court - with part of his feet in contact with the surface of the playing field. Service or service is a crucial part of a badminton player`s practice. Here`s how it works. A badminton serve may not be as crucial as, say, a lawn tennis service — where ball speed and accuracy are crucial to scoring points — but it`s still an important part of a commuter`s gameplay. The double service rules in badminton are a bit more complicated in the laws of the BWF. – If a player hits the bird that leaves the edges, this is considered a mistake – The player cannot hit under the net – If the bird hits a player, it is a mistake against the player it hit – After the serve, if the bird hits the top of the net and still lands in right field, The coin is considered within limits. When the server shuttle hits the network or goes out of the field limits, the player/receiving side wins the point. Each tournament may be slightly different, but the general idea is not to complain, but to adapt. This is one of the reasons why we tell you that you should play more badminton tournaments. You will become more adaptable to different situations and you will not rely on the rules of comfort and dishes. One of the most basic parts of badminton is scoring. There are two players in singles badminton; one on each page. To earn points, the shuttle must either land on your opponent`s side or land on your side.

Easy, right? The goal is to take the shuttle in the dimensions of the terrain to a place where your opponent cannot get it. The rules and regulations for badminton always vary gradually. Although what I said was pretty standard and in line with the official BWF rules, each tournament could have its own little rules depending on certain factors. Always remember that a game of badminton starts on the bright side. I will give you an example. The server in a badminton match is determined by a coin throw, and the player/side that scores a point becomes the server for the next point. If the shuttle hits or passes over the back panel of the basketball (if they are in their position), it is considered out of bounds. • Shuttles landing on border lines will be considered. In badminton, players cannot take the shuttle twice in a row. In singles and doubles, each team has only one shot to get it over the net. Even if a player accidentally touches the shuttle with his racquet and his partner hits it over the net, it would still be a mistake and a point for the other team. by an error.

An error occurs when the opponent brings badminton back into or under the net, hits it outside the limits, touches the net or the player serves and misses the badminton. In almost every game or sport in the world, there are rules. Rules and regulations are necessary to maintain order in games, and badminton is no different. Therefore, here I am making an article about the rules and regulations of badminton for individual players for those who want to start playing. Before you start the game, you should also know that in many cases, both players can benefit from a training service. If they don`t give you a direct opportunity to practice the service, be sure to ask if you can do one in case you need one. It all depends on the official rules of the tournament. According to the rules and regulations of badminton for doubles, the side of the doubles that wins a rally adds one point to its score.

If both teams reach 20, the team that first wins a 2-point lead wins that game. If both teams reach 29, the team that scores the 30th point wins that game. Take, for example, badminton at school. At school, at least for me at the time, due to the limitation of time and space, the matches were the best of one and were played until 15 years old without deuces. Playing in school gyms also introduced a new cap variable, which most called, and even a reserve rule if players disagree. Now that you understand how to win a game of badminton and you have the scoring system, it`s time to talk about service and start a real game of badminton. The basic service rules remain the same, i.e. The player who serves first must do it on the right side of the service seat and do it each time after collecting an even number of points during a game, while a service must come from the left service place after gaining an odd number of points. However, a common misconception regarding the rules and regulations of badminton is that when the shuttle hits the net, it is out.

This is not true, because wherever the shuttle lands after touching the net will be a point for one of the players. Let`s take a look at the Badminton Service Rules of the Badminton World Federation (BWF). In badminton, a point is scored every time there is a serve, which means you don`t have to be the one who served to earn a point. This improves the speed of play and allows teams to come back faster. Badminton rules Doubles are pretty much the same as singles. However, I get a whole bunch of questions about double rules. Here is a page to solve all your questions! These rules always create a framework for arguments because the net game is so quick and difficult to watch and make a call. It is particularly contested when a network of players kills and the other player`s racket is on top and blocks the net kill.

You often have to play it in slow motion to know what the best call was. The basic rules of badminton are quite simple. At the beginning of each rally, a player circulates the shuttle through the network and to the corresponding gas station on the other side. The receiving player or team attempts to knock the shuttle over the net until an error occurs. When an error is called, the team or player who did not cause the error receives a point. One of the common calls that is disputed in badminton about non-line calls is when a player hits the shuttle at the net. Here are some rules for the net game. A badminton (also called birdie or shuttle) is a high-drag projectile used in badminton sports. It has an open conical shape made of springs or plastic (or a synthetic alternative) embedded in a rounded cork (or rubber) base. The shape of the steering wheel makes it extremely aerodynamically stable.

Whatever the initial orientation, it first becomes flying cork and remains in the orientation of cork first. However, there are other ways to start a match, and it often depends on the rules of your tournament. One of the most common ways to start a game is to hit the shuttle and then transmit the services to the one the rotating shuttle points to. Also comment below if you want to see the rules and regulations for doubles badminton! The right to serve in a game of doubles badminton is as follows: you now need to understand what is outside and what is inside. A badminton court has two lines that run vertically and two lines that run horizontally. In the single, the space is long and narrow and so we use the two inner vertical lines and the horizontal back line. The point system states that a point is scored when the hitting or receiving side wins the rally. A rally is defined as a series of shots exchanged between one of the two teams until the steering wheel touches the ground, hits the net or goes beyond the limits of the field.

Whether you are interested in playing badminton competitively or just for fun, it is important to know the basic rules of the game. Learn more about scoring, service, breaks, lets and more! These are some of the most important badminton rules to know for beginners. The starting point of every game of badminton, the badminton service, is an art in itself. Also, due to limited time and space, some tournaments make a rule that your coaches can`t talk to you at 11 points or even not at all until you reach the playoffs. Sometimes things like the size of the logos on your shirt, the color of your shirt, and the shoes you wear can also be rules. In badminton, a player or team scores a point when winning a rally. A rally is won when the opposing team makes a mistake. Mistakes occur with a number of errors, including illegal services, a shot that lands outside the borders or the shuttle that does not pass over the net. The first team to score 21 points with a lead of at least two points wins the game. The first player or team to win two games will be declared the winner of the game. Did I miss anything? Comment below what you thought of this post! After seeing these rules, you should agree to set up a singles badminton game! Let`s say you and your partner win the next rally. Thus, your site will be used for the next rally.

The result is now 1-1. Since 1 is an odd number, the service must be delivered to the left side of the square. Remember that you had a "finished service" at the last rally. So it`s your partner`s turn to serve on the left side (player B moves to the left side and delivers the service). The first team with 21 points wins a game. On each serve, one point is scored and awarded to the team that wins the rally. The winning side gets the next service. If the result is 20-20, a team with two clear points must win to win the game. As always, good luck in your games and have a great day! An interesting scoring system used a decade ago required a player to have the serve to score.