This ordinance in Gainesville, Georgia, passed in 1961 to promote the city, specifically prohibits eating fried chicken with anything other than hands. Although the "law" is not really taken literally and is rarely enforced, a visitor was arrested for eating her fried chicken with a knife and fork in 2009. One of the popular but false weird laws for Pennsylvania is that you can`t catch fish with your mouth. Because it`s important to me, I went to the archives of the Gettysburg Times and, starting in 2010, I found a reference to what is apparently still a very real law that prohibits you from catching a fish in your mouth. Sometimes the internet is good. In Jefferson County, you can only hold a flea market between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. And it can take no more than three days. And you can`t hold more than two a year. However, if you frequent a legal flea market and score a bow and a few arrows, there`s a little more leeway when it comes to targeting practice laws within city limits. The internet is very enthusiastic about all of Alaska`s bizarre moose laws, such as the alleged illegality of giving a moose a beer. Unfortunately, this is all old and/or fake, but here`s one that`s still close to elk: If you kill a moose (or big game), no matter the circumstances, you should at least try to preserve the meat so people can eat it. I hope you know how to do it.

The internet was designed for lists of the strangest laws you didn`t know existed in your state – they`re weird, they`re fun, and after checking them, I can tell you they`re 95% wrong. Most of the popular lists you see on these types of lists, like the fact that you can`t push a moose off a plane in Alaska or take a lion to the movies in Maryland, are either completely made up, long gone, or simply chosen out of their real legal context to look much more eye-catching than they actually are. But that doesn`t mean there aren`t strange, bizarre, absurd laws that are both real and not terrible. In fact, we found them in every state. Many states have laws restricting various activities on Sundays, but in Iowa it is illegal to sell cars or RVs on Sundays. Governing a great country is hard work, and you will be hated by half the population you govern. Remember that the person at the top is also responsible for the laws on which the entire democratic system is based. And laws are passed after congressional votes, sometimes after a public vote, and then after confirmation by the president. With these stupid laws we`ve compiled below, we don`t know where common sense has been lost. Another victim of peace disturbances for you! If you live in Kansas, make sure your gears are greased and your tires are checked — because squealing tires is not only considered illegal, but also painfully annoying.

Florida ran into trouble in 2013 when it accidentally locked all of the state`s computers. A confusingly worded law banning internet cafes involved in illegal gambling has led to legal action, arguing that the ban could be interpreted as applying to any device connected to the internet. Many of these outdated laws may not be enforced today, but it`s certainly still a lot of fun to think about how they were once necessary (and in some cases, still exist!). From random facts about food to really ridiculous rules about animals in every state, get ready to laugh, watch, and control your eye from the side by clicking on the most absurd laws and bans in the great United States. Pigeons can be boring — but in North Dakota, you need permission to eradicate one. State law states that "no person, company or entity may exterminate pigeons or other harmful wild birds without first obtaining approval from the Fargo Ministry of Health." When you start performing on stage, you commit to finishing that performance on stage – you can`t abandon it in the middle of the song. I came across a lot of strange and miraculous things while researching for this article, and the strangest and most miraculous was the 1987 trial report that followed burlesque dancer Jimmy Lee Laedeke`s violation of this rule. Every minute you spend reading it counts as a minute of self-care.

Nebraska laws prohibit anyone with any type of STD from marrying. This law is in place to protect people from unknowingly marrying someone with an STD – but it is difficult to enforce. When you get a marriage license in Nebraska, you don`t need to provide any medical records or your background, just photo ID and proof of age — no blood test is required. We searched the internet and official government websites to find some of the strangest laws that exist today. The fact that it is actually a law bothers me the most. A Hangry fool may be in charge of this law, but hey, most sleepy Arkansas sandwich shops are closed at 9 p.m. anyway. If you feel the urge to honk your horn after work hours, you disturb the peace and you will always be hungry. These laws are very absurd and offer no real benefit (except to make me laugh). 🙂 There`s no doubt about it: there are crazy and bizarre state laws in the United States. Given that one of the strange laws popular for many states looks like this: "No honking in sandwich shops at these strangely precise times on a Sunday," it is with great pleasure that I bring you Section 18-55 of the Little Rock Ordinance Code – currently in March 2017 – which states: "No person may be in a place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served. Sound the horn of a vehicle.

after 9 p.m. (Also, no, it`s not illegal to mispronounce the name of the state. Only discouraged.) Ideally, you`re not the kind of person who deals with boring pigeons by . Kill these pigeons, but if you are, know that you first need a pigeon killing permit. Although most of these laws now seem incredibly stupid, they had or still have a real pretext. For example, New York`s law against wearing masks in public places is designed to prevent a mass crime or riot because you don`t know the identity of the undercover attacker. And Arizona`s version of banning camel shooting comes from the United States Camel Corps, an Army experiment to use these animals for military forces. As unlikely as these laws may seem, they have many explanations. Scroll down for our list of weird rules in the US and share it when you learn more about them! Do you have anger on the street? Well, keep it PG. Here you are not allowed to express profanity while driving.

Or, more precisely, "near a road, sidewalk or highway within the hearing of persons passing through such a road, sidewalk or highway." So no obscenities while driving, even if a Nogoodnik cuts you off on the Hecking highway. No competitions that involve hunting and catching a pig – "greased, oiled or whatever." You are also not allowed to throw turkeys or chickens in the air to catch them. Not a word about the fact that you are allowed to hunt or throw any of the above without the intention of catching them. Bigfoot hunters, beware. Skamania County, Washington, passed a law in 1969 that considered "killing Bigfoot a crime punishable by 5 years in prison." The law was later amended to classify Bigfoot as an endangered species. RELATED: 9 Best Animal Hair Removal Products on Amazon That Actually Work New Jersey is the last state where you can`t pump your own gasoline. Chris Christie has tried to blame women before, but it`s divisive enough that you can probably find the scapegoat of your choice. Either way, stay in your car when you refuel in Jersey. You don`t need to tip the person who comes pumping your gas, but a dollar or two is always good. No swimming or wading pools in public fountains in Wichita. Sorry, kids.

Make those summer memories elsewhere. Wisconsin takes its cheese seriously. State law requires cheese labeled as Wisconsin-certified Premium Class AA to meet a certain standard: it must be "fine, very pleasant, and free of undesirable flavors and odors." In a number of counties in Maine, you can`t skateboard sidewalks.