Utah HB 157 states, in part, "Except as expressly provided in the contract, a person may not compel another person to offer or accept legal tender." After witnessing the success of the Utah and Nevada Goldbacks, New Hampshire also legalized Goldbacks for use as "voluntary currency." Companies can choose to accept goldbacks in exchange for daily trading. The New Hampshire Goldbacks were originally scheduled to launch in 2020, but massive demand for the Nevada and Utah Goldbacks delayed the release of that third program. You can now enjoy the long-awaited release of the New Hampshire Goldbacks. The virtues of this new collection are Gratia – gratitude (1), Veritas – truth (5), Prospicientia – prosperity (10), Fortitudine – happiness (25) and Libertas – freedom (50). Unfortunately, Nevada has not taken steps to reaffirm its constitutional duty to treat gold and silver coins as payment for debt, as Oklahoma and Utah did with the recent passage of SB 862 and HB 157, respectively. The Goldbacks of Utah, Nevada and New Hampshire are the world`s first form of gold currency "paper" that can be used as legal tender. Because goldbacks were made with the intention of providing an alternative currency to the US dollar, they are easy to store and visually stunning. In addition, they are the beginning of an alternative currency in some states. Goldbacks offer a unique investment opportunity as they are exchanged for the dollar, even as a form of currency! This is because they have their own intrinsic value because they are made of real gold.

These notes are therefore not a representation of the ownership of gold, because they are literally gold. Inflation does not hurt the value of goldbacks. 1. Where payment of an obligation to pay a security is made to a person entitled to enforce the security, the effects of the bid shall be governed by the principles of law applicable to the offer for payment under a simple contract. Hi Steven, you may be confusing state sovereignty with federal sovereignty. The federal government (United States) has the exclusive power to issue legal tender that must be recognized by all states for public and private debt. Goldbacks are issued by a state and are recognized as legal tender within the borders of those states. They may be freely exchanged between two persons or entities inside or outside that State, although their legal status exists only within the borders of that State.

Alternatively, each state may, by legislation, accept goldbacks from another state instead of or in addition to its own goldbacks as legal tender within its own borders. Note: The federal branch is often considered a supreme power because of the priority clause. However, since states and commonwealths are sovereign powers, the SC can usually be bypassed by Kay Structuring. Goldbacks exist because of the usefulness of KS. To better see this, consider if a single state issues goldbacks and all states independently accept that state`s goldbacks as legal tender within their own borders. Such a legal event would prevail over the exclusive right of the federal government to issue legal tender. The use of sovereign powers of the state and the terminology of money are two excellent examples of the use of KS. 3.

Where payment of an amount due in respect of a security is made to a person entitled to enforce the security, the debtor`s obligation to pay interest on the amount offered after the maturity date shall be fulfilled. Where a document requires production and the debtor is able and willing to pay on the due date of any payment agent specified in the instrument, the debtor shall be deemed to have made an offer to pay to the person entitled to enforcement on the due date. 2. Where payment of an obligation to pay a security is made to a person entitled to enforce the security and the bid is rejected, the amount of the bid shall be exempt from the obligation of the purchaser or accommodator who exercises a remedy in respect of the obligation to which the bid relates. Otherwise, why would an investor enjoy goldbacks? One advantage is that they are much more affordable for a larger number of people because they are not like gold coins. Striking gold backs is even cheaper than many fractional gold coins. Those on a particularly tight budget can definitely invest in goldbacks and enjoy the benefits of owning gold. Whether you want to use it in states where it`s legal for purchases or just want to collect them all, Goldbacks are a great product for anyone who likes to buy gold. How can this be considered a currency? Utah law and other gold and silver coins issued by the federal government in 2011 only allow them to be considered legal tender. More recently, I verified that none of these goldbacks had been issued by the federal government. Oklahoma`s SB 862 reads in part: "Gold and silver coins issued by the Government of the United States are legal tender in the State of Oklahoma. No person may compel another person to offer or accept gold or silver coins issued by the U.S.

government unless contractually agreed. You may be wondering how goldbacks are legal tender in the United States. To answer your question, the Goldbacks gained legal status through the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011. Lawrence Hilton created and championed this law specifically in Utah. He is also the general counsel of the company. The passage of this law in Utah allows certain gold and silver coins to be legally used for trade. So the Goldback may look like a banknote, but it`s technically a coin under this law. You`ll also find the word "coin" on the golden back itself! Millions of Americans will depend on pensions once they reach retirement age. Pension fund managers have a fiduciary duty to hedge funds against foreseeable risks. I want to buy these tickets. Where can I find them? Income tax is an important way for government bureaucrats to punish holders of precious metals.