The name Noble was born from the philosophy of our commitment to environmental, social and governance standards for operations and investments. The company is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and has its own ESG/DEI Steering Committee as part of our ongoing commitment to act as a world-class institutional fiduciary. Noble is an institutional real estate investment manager with three decades of experience in acquiring and developing hotels over multiple cycles, making them more efficient, profitable and valuable. Noble`s management invests significantly in each of Noble`s private real estate funds, creating an alignment of interests and incentives. Noble leverages our scale, resources and extensive hands-on expertise, data analytics, innovation and technology to add value to our investments. Research is the cornerstone of Noble`s strategy, and our in-house capabilities help drive revenue, optimize profitability and increase assets over the long term.